Get Ready to Play with

Are you new to the sport? Well, we are glad to have you here with us at, and want to help you get your game on! First of all, let’s talk about the essentials of your Rugby gear. Other than your jersey, shorts, shoes (with studs) and your long socks, you’ll need your ball. A bit of padding for your upper torso along with a mouthguard is a good idea as well.

Your coach or youth group leader/coach if you are playing in a young person’s league will guide you as to the best pieces of equipment available in your area. Of course there is no shortage of gear on line either. Gather your list before you begin shopping, and have an idea of your budget before clicking and buying the first thing that comes up.

For example, you can spend $40 on a Rugby ball; but do you absolutely need that one? You can also get a ball for $20.

Same thing with a jersey. Most likely, your team or league with have a jersey for you, but if they say, “ok, mate, buy yourself a brown jersey,” you may want to shop around a little because you can buy a “brown jersey” for $60, certainly. Or you can spend $30. This stuff adds up!

Of course, use the same “shopping around” strategy before investing in your boots/shoes. Are you going to just “try it out” and see if you enjoy the sport? If so, you might want to hold off on the $139 pair of Adidas Kakaris, and instead opt for the $52 Canterburys.

You get the picture. Stick around, because we’re bringing you information that you can use!

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